The Department of Applied Ecology integrates aspects of the broader fields of biology, ecology, genetics, toxicology, conservation and living resource management into a focused unit that employs novel approaches to confront local problems and global challenges. Our faculty engage in highly collaborative research, education, and extension efforts that offer direct, practical solutions to current challenges in environmental and human well-being.

Strategic Themes in Applied Ecology

Food, Plant, and Animal Production
Enhancing the production, quality, accessibility, and profitability of food, plant, animal and bioenergy products for North Carolina, the nation, and the world. See what we’re working on.
Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability
Ensuring environmental stewardship and sustainability of air, land, soil and water resources. See what we’re working on.
Safe, Secure, and Healthy Food Supply
Creating a food supply that is safe, secure, healthy affordable and of high quality. See what we’re working on.
Improving Well-being of Families and Communities
Improving human health and well-being for individuals, families and communities. See what we’re working on.
Preparing Students for the Global Workforce
Preparing students and stakeholders for leadership and success in the global workforce. See our programs.

Centers and Programs of Distinction

Our centers and programs are committed to interdisciplinary research, instruction, and service. Read more about them here.

Applied Ecology Extension Resources

Applied Ecology extension programs provide research-based solutions and educational programs that enrich the lives, land, and economy of North Carolina and the world. Learn more.

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