Welcome to the North Carolina State University Plant Transformation Laboratory


What we do at the PTL

    We collaborate with researchers who seek to use transgenes in their programs.  We help our users to develop and implement strategies that allow them to obtain plants expressing their desired trait. In order to accomplish these goals we will implement novel transformation technologies to produce plants with stable and predictable gene expression. 

    We have expert personnel capable of training new PTL users in the areas of transformation and regeneration of plants, screening individual transformants for transgene integrity and expression, and molecular characterization of transgene architecture.  As part of our research mission, we are optimizing and refining new transformation technologies that allow us to remain at the cutting edge of plant biotechnology and to provide methodologies that are free of Intellectual Property constraints.

The PTL is located at 3900 Partners II, 840 Main Campus Drive  on Centennial Campus. The office of Dr. George Allen, the PTL Director, is 1203 and Dr. Sergei Krasnyanski, the PTL Senior Researcher, is  1200